Exercises for CTS Back to Articles There are many exercises for carpal tunnel syndrome that if performed correctly will reduce and in some cases eliminate the pain a person may be experiencing. There is a very simple but effective technique that can be performed in the convenience of your home that is proven to reduce pain over a short period of time. Although there are quite a few different exercises that can help to get rid of your pain this one can provide some immediate relief. Here's what to do: Get a large bucket and fill it with cold water and lots of ice. Make sure that the bucket is large enough to submerge your arm into and add at least 4 trays of ice. For a 2 hour period dip the hand that's suffering from pain into the bucket up to your forearms for 10 to 15 seconds and not longer. Submerge your arm 10 to 20 times over a 2 hour period and make sure the ice covers your arm to your elbow. Try this for a week and your carpal tunnel pain will be reduced or completely gone. The effectiveness of this exercise in reducing your pain will depend on how severe your condition is. If after a week your pain is not completely gone you can continue this exercise for a few more days while implementing the other exercises for your carpal tunnel syndrome pain. You should also be aware that most surgeons recommend surgery as the last resort for getting rid of carpal tunnel pain. You owe it to yourself to try the different exercises for carpal tunnel that you can do to eliminate your pain in order to avoid surgery. CTS surgery is not guaranteed to be successful in eliminating your pain and that is the major reason that most surgeons are against it. Another factor is that even after the surgery it is very possible that the pain can come back. If you're serious about curing your carpal tunnel pain for good here's a link for you http://mycarpaltunnelfix.com/exercises-for-carpal-tunnel-syndrome/ Article Source: https://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jelani_Simba_Khalfani