Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or hand and wrist pain can have several causes. You might have a vitamin or mineral deficiency. Perhaps the muscles in your lower arms are tight. Or, maybe the muscles in your chest or neck are causing you to have pain, tingling or numbness in your hands.

So, is there an easy way to have carpal tunnel pain relief naturally? Well, since there can be several causes all in the same body, step one would be try to figure out the causes.

Step two is massage. Massage is therapeutic. It helps bodies heal. You can do it yourself or have professional massage therapy by a skilled therapist. If you have muscles that are causing your carpal tunnel symptoms (muscles are the #1 cause of all physical pain) then it makes sense that therapeutic massage can help. Massage helps normalize muscles and gets rid of areas that are "too tight."

Massage can also get rid of "trigger points". Trigger points are very irritable areas that "fire" or cause pain and symptoms into other parts of your body--sometimes quite far from the trigger point. Whether you do it yourself or have someone help you, you may notice that you have some really tender areas. In fact, I'm sure you will! That's okay. It just means your muscles are tight and want to be released or relaxed.

But if someone is pressing on a very tender spot and it doesn't seem to be releasing or going away, there's a good chance that they are pressing on an area that cannot relax. They (or you) need to press on the area that is causing your pain--and that's not always where you are feeling it.

That's why it is beneficial to know how to do your own massage therapy. You don't want someone just blasting away on an area that can't relax and making you feel even worse afterward.

So, in my opinion and with lots and lots of experience to back this up, I believe that the easiest way to get rid of your carpal tunnel naturally--for most people--has two steps: First is understanding the cause of your pain and symptoms and the second step is to use massage therapy to normalize your muscles and soft tissues.

And you CAN learn how to do it yourself!

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