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  Muscle Cramps


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Muscle cramps happen to many people. It is thought that at least 95% of the population has suffered muscle cramps at some point in their lives. Although children may have muscle cramps, muscle cramps usually occur in adults and generally increase as people get older. Muscles compress and rest as people move. A muscle that helplessly compresses is called a “spasm.” A muscle spasm becomes a cramp if the muscle spasm is strong and continuous.

Muscle cramps can go on for a few seconds to 15 minutes or sometimes longer. It is typical for a cramp to happen again several times before it at long last ceases. Many different muscles or different parts of a muscle may be taking part in the cramp. Some areas of the body that are particularly susceptible to cramp are the legs, feet, and calf. Cramps may be treated with stretching exercises. Using a gentle massage may also assist in relieving cramps.

Applying a microwave heating pad such the Hot Cherry-Pit-Pac will also aid in the treatment of cramps by helping the muscle to relax

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