Earaches Earache Earache is a very prevalent medical condition for kids and adults. The two most often circumstances that cause earache are infection of the outer ear and infection of the middle ear. A skin infection of the outer ear or ear canal is sometimes called swimmer’s ear. An infection of the middle ear and eardrum is very common in children between six months and two years. This infection of the middle ear and eardrum can affect older children and adults. The pain begins when mucus increases in the eardrum. As the mucus increases in the ear, the more pressure and pain can build up in the ear. A bad earache should be seen by a doctor. Antibiotics can help with the mucus. There are some remedies at home people can use to help with the pain like raise your head when you sleep or chew chewing gum if the earache is due to elevation or flying. Warm moist heat like using a Hot Cherry-Pit-Pac is the best home treatment for an earache.