Tension Headaches

There are varying types of headache pain which afflicts people and whether it is a sinus headache or a tension headache immediate relief is essential. The natural stresses of the day can many times leave you with an array of nagging pains and tension headaches.  But the everyday tensions from demanding work and family schedules can affect everyone and learning to manage occasional tension headaches will make life much easier for everyone.

Tension Headache Relief

There are some excellent home remedies that will bring you the type of relief that you need from aggravating aches and painful headaches.  Several very effective remedies include the use of hot and cold compresses.  By applying a hot compress on your forehead or even around the back of your neck you muscles will begin to un-tense and allow for more blood circulation.

Believe it or not, the use of a cold compress on your forehead will also have a positive impact on reducing your tension headache as well.  The cold from the compress will allow the blood vessels to starting constricting.  As your blood vessels shrink your nerves will not have them pressing on them. Just as you did with your hot compress, apply the cold compress to the back of your neck as well.

Sinus Headache Solutions

Sinus headaches are especially troublesome and painful during the cold weather months, because of increased colds and other respiratory problems that are created.  The headaches develop as your sinus cavities become blocked which causes pain around your eyes, forehead, nose and even cheeks.  There are some very reliable solutions that you can utilize to bring about relief from the pain including a warm compress.  This is great because by applying it on your eyes, forehead and even cheeks; the throbbing will gradually begin to ease up.  Simply use a warm washcloth or even a microwaveable heat pad.

At night you can also use a humidifier to keep your sinuses unblocked.  This will relieve the pressure that has built up.  Also consider using a saline nose spray. The spray will gradually reduce the swelling in your sinuses as well as reduce mucus build up.

By trying these home remedies during the cold weather season or when you feel stressed and tense, you headaches will be eliminated.