TOOTHACHES Did you know that a Cherry-Pit-Pac can help with the pain of a toothache? A toothache can be described as one of the “most annoying” pains one can have. They seem to radiate from a tooth or jaw to an all over bad feeling. While good dental hygiene is something we all try to maintain, it seems that at one time or another we will all be plagued with the dreaded toothache. There is quite a range of reasons that cause this uncomfortable situation. Here are just a few: Cavities Fracture of Enamel, or Loss of a Filling Infection or Abscess A Physical Injury (like a hit to the mouth) Teething Studies show that our teeth are living entities all to themselves complete with nerves and a blood supply to keep them healthy. Under the outside white enamel lives a harder (but more yellow) substance called dentin. When the dentin is exposed to outside elements like heat, cold, sweets, ect., we feel the pain of a toothache. So are you ready for relief with a Cherry-Pit-Pac? Dental experts recommend, to reduce swelling and pain caused from a toothache, use a cold pack on the outside of the cheek. Heat is NOT recommended and stay away from food and drinks that are too hot, cold or sweet. No matter what style Cherry-Pit-Pac you choose, just pop it in the freezer for the perfect relief for all your toothache pains.