Why Some People Have Cold Feet?

If you are reading this article then you are probably looking for more information regarding why some people have cold feet.

Some people get cold feet at bedtime and this is a common aggravation. This problem develops because our body temperature drops slightly when people get ready to go to sleep which can result in cold extremities. Peripheral neuropathy which is also known as impaired circulation to the feet is a common cause of chronic cold feet. This is more likely to occur in people with diabetes, elderly people or inactive individuals.

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Another circulation problem, peripheral vascular disease narrows blood vessels which restricts blood flow. This can result in raised blood pressure along with cold feet and fingers.

An individual with ateherosclerosis may also suffer from chronic cold feet. This is a condition where fatty material adheres to artery walls which also causes angina and high blood pressure. Anemia can also cause cold feet, this is a condition where an individual will have a low level of healthy red blood cells which also results in headaches and fatigue.

Another Factor could be Rynanuds Sydrome Parasites which are harmful organisms that enter your body can also be responsible for cold feet. They will absorb and eat the nutrition that is necessary in order to maintain good health. Diagnosing body parasites can be very difficult, however if you do suffer from chronic cold feet sensations then it is important that you have body cleaned of parasites.

Allergic reactions can also be another cause of cold feet. Allergies can result in decreased blood pressure which can result in cold feet and hands. Therefore it is important to monitor your food intake and watch out for allergenic foods.

The temperature of the feet is determined by the combination of outside temperature and the level of circulation you have, the less amount of blood that gets to your feet, the colder your feet will become. four score.

It is important that you have a regular cardiovascular workout in order to fight and prevent the problem of cold feet. If you exercise regularly then this will increase the blood flow and reduce the risk of you getting cold feet.