What is a Cherry Pit Pac?

A Cherry Pit Pac is a portable, non-electric heating pad and cold pack that is made with cherry pits. It is heated in the microwave for a bout 2 minutes, and will provide a soothing, comfortable, penetrating heat that helps to relieve aches, pains, headaches, stress, tension and more. The heat last for about 20-30 minutes. That is the amount of time most health care professionals recommend for heat therapy.

Why use Cherry pits, why does it work?

Cherry pits are very good at holding heat and cold. They have a center (seed) inside the hard shell that has moisture and natural oil. When a Cherry Pit Pac is placed in the microwave, the center heats up and the shell holds the heat, and the heat is transferred on to the body when being worn. The Cherry Pits can settle into the nooks, crannies and curves of the body to deliver a very penetrating heat or cold.

What can it be used for?

The Cherry-Pit-Pac can be used for any aches or pain, on stiff joints or sore muscles. It works great around the neck, on the lower back, and on areas ot the spine. It is great to use for tension, sinus and migraine head aches. It relieves sinus, menstrual cramps, toothaches, earaches and stomachs. It is excellent for relieving the symptoms of arthritis because of the way the small seeds settle around any body part, allowing the heat to reach the joints. It can be used as a soothing body massage when the cherry pits are gently rolled against the body. It is a great for warming cold feet, and also works as a bed warmer.

How is a Cherry-Pit-Pac different from an electric heating pad or other microwavable heat pack?

  • First of all, the Cherry-Pit-Pac is much safer to use. It is non-electric, so there is no danger of electricity next to the body. It stays warm for the amount of time most health care professionals recommend, approximately 20-30 minutes. Because the cherry pits cool off after that amount, there is no danger of falling asleep and getting burned.
  • The other important difference is that it is portable. You don't have to find electric outlets, worry about extension cords, or stay in one spot. A person can conveniently move around.
  • Another important feature is the way the Cherry-Pit-Pac conforms to the shape of the body. Most heat pads and cold packs are rather rigid.
  • A Cherry-Pit-Pac does not have a food odor when heated, does not cook in microwave and eventually break down like a food product would, and it is washable.

How was it discovered that cherry pits could be used for heat and cold therapy?

Cherry pits have been used in Europe for many years for a variety of medicinal purposes. Cherry pits were heated on the warming plate on wood stoves. Then used to relieve aches and pains and as body warmers. Native Americans used to use all kinds of seeds, and other things and other things found in nature for heat. Even today, Natives in some of the rain forest grind up cherry pits and take them for pain relief similar to the way we use aspirin and other pain relief products.

Is the Cherry Pit Pac perfectly safe to heat in the microwave?

When using the microwave, care and common sense needs to be practiced. The Cherry-Pit Pac can be over heated and the fabric and the pits could be come scorched. We suggest you take care when setting the timer, i.e., don't get in a hurry and mistakenly set the timer for 20 minutes and not the required 2-3 minutes. Also, the heating time does depend on the power of your microwave. Microwave power ranges form 600 watts to 12000 watts but the power of your microwave does affect the time taken to heat up. As always supervision needs to be in place if children are using the Cherry-Pit-Pac.

Can the Cherry-Pit-Pac be used for moist heat?

Because the Cherry-Pit-Pac is natural product it is always absorbing a bit of moisture. It is not necessary to add water to heat the Cherry-Pit-Pac. If a moist heat is desired you can dampen just before heating. It can be spritzed with water. The amount of moisture will depend on how much water you add.

Can the same Cherry-Pit-Pac be used hot or cold?

Yes, you may use the same Cherry-Pit-Pac for hot or cold. If you desire a cold pack just place the Cherry-Pit-Pac in a plastic freezer bag and put in the freezer. It will take one to two hours to get cold. You may keep the Cherry-Pit-Pac in the freezer for as long as you like, even storing it there. If the Cherry-Pit-Pac has been stored in the freezer and you need it hot, it can be laid out to thaw for a bit or carefully defrosted in the microwave.

Is the Cherry Pit-Pac washable?

Yes it is. We recommend hand washing in the sink in cool water with a bit of mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly, wring out as much as possible and then lay flat to dry. The easiest way to wash the original Cherry-Pit-Pac is to move all the pits to one end, hold them back while washing and rinsing the end that does not contain pits. Then move the pits to the previously washed end and repeat. It can also be washed on the gentle cycle in the washing machine (in a pillow case or laundry bag) or in the top rack of the dishwasher. Air-dry your Cherry-Pit-Pac after washing. Be sure to heat the Cherry-Pit-Pac a few times before you store it so that it thoroughly dry.

How long will the Cherry-Pit-Pac last?

A Cherry-Pit-Pac will last for a long, long time. We have been making the Cherry-Pit-Pac for 25 years and our customers tell us their Cherry-Pit-Pacs are still going strong. Adding a bit of water from time to time will keep the Cherry-Pit-Pac from drying out. Adding water will also help the Cherry-Pit-Pac heat up quicker and hold the heat longer.

What if the Cherry-Pit-Pac doesn't work for me?

We understand that most people buy our product for a particular problem. If a customer is not satisfied with the product, contact us and we'll make it right!