Look what people are saying about our Cherry-Pit-Pac!

"Enclosed is my check for another wonderful Cherry-Pit-Pac. It truly lives up to all its claims. I have tried heating pads, lotions, and chemical pads to ease a back injury, but nothing gives the relief of the Cherry-Pit-Pac. The Cherry-Pit-Pac is now my "for-life-Pac"! Thank you for a great product!"

Elaine D., RN Anniston, Al

"I just wanted to tell you that I think your Cherry-Pit-Pac is a wonderful product. In addition to relieving general aches and pains, including serious sinus headaches, we use it for another reason in our home. My 4½ year old son calls our Cherry-Pit-Pac the" magic pillow". He has 'growing pains' in the middle of the night, and wakes up crying and asking for his magic pillow. It is the only thing that will calm him down and relieve his pain because he refuses medication. I plan to give several Cherry-Pit-Pacs as gifts this holiday season. Keep up the great work!"

Beth S. Finleyville, PA

"I am ordering yet another of your wonderful inventions! Your Cherry-Pit-Pac has brought such comfort and pleasure to me, and to my friend who has just come home from the hospital following surgery. We have told everyone about this wonderful creation! Thank you so much!"

Marsha G. Severna Park, MD

"This little miracle has been an answer to my prayers for many of my problems. Thank you!"

Peggy D. Erlanger, KY

"I absolutely love your product, the Cherry-Pit-Pac! I use it constantly, and it brings great relief to my headaches and tense muscles. Thank you!"

Claire S. Edison, NJ

"Your Cherry-Pit-Pacs have been a joy, especially with this cold weather we have been having! They were a big hit with my friends and family. Now they are moving down to a younger generation. This makes 10 for me!" Thanks a lot!"

Emily H. Mt. Carmel, SC

"I suffer from Crest form of scleroderma, and have Raynaud's Syndrome in my hands and feet. My Cherry-Pit-Pac is wonderful, and brings me much comfort. I will recommend it to everyone I meet with this condition."

Barbara H. Anderson, SC

"Just a note to let you know how much we appreciate your product. I bought a Cherry-Pit-Pac several years ago at a craft show in Asheville long before seeing similar products now on the market. I wondered if I was crazy to spend $16.00 for cherry pits, but my husband was suffering with muscular aches, so I decided to give it a try. Well, it was an immediate hit with him and his cousins, who were all suffering after the annual football game. Your Cherry-Pit-Pac also helps my husband with his migraines and his neck aches. Thank you!"

Linda M.

"Wonderful, spectacular product! My whole family wants to purchase one, but I have beat them to it, as they make great Christmas gifts!"

Tamara C.

"One of the best handmade work from crafters across the South"