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  Sore, Tired Feet


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Sore or tired feet, we have all experienced this at one time or another in our lives. And if we havenít, it is almost certain that we will. There are a multitude of reasons that this common, but very uncomfortable experience may occur. It could be as simple as standing to long at work (or the more pleasant pain of shopping to long) to a very serious condition, like plantar fascittis or diabetic feet. Listed below are several reasons of foot discomfort and descriptions of each:

  • Standing To Long- This will commonly cause the feet/ankles to swell, meaning the muscles and tissue are inflamed. For this problem cold therapy will reduce inflammation.
  • Foot or Ankle Sprain- This is an injury to the ligaments causing inflammation, bruising and pain. Keeping the area cold will decrease the inflammation and help the pain.
  • Foot/Ankle Arthritis- This can be caused to set up after an injury to the foot/ankle. Heat therapy will help loosen and soothe the area.
  • Pregnancy- This will cause fluid to build up, so swelling in the feet and ankles will almost always be certain. In this case, cold therapy will help the swelling.
  •  Diabetic Feet- With diabetes, the blood flow or circulation is restricted, often causing swelling and pain in the feet. Heat therapy will increase circulation therefore helping the pain to decrease.
  • Plantar Fascittis- Caused by a repetitive strain, commonly localized in the heel. For this condition alternating heat and cold therapy followed by a massage is recommended.

Heat therapy will loosen stiff joints and muscles and aid in circulation. Cold therapy will help with flares of pain, by numbing the area and decreasing inflammation. Cherry-Pit-Pacs can be used for either application, making it the perfect remedy for all of your sore/tired feet!

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