Cherry-Pit-Pac Collar

Cherry-Pit-Pac Collar

Product Details

Aches and pain in the neck and shoulder area are very common. Our Cherry-Pit-Pac Collar is ideal for relieving pain in those areas. This design reaches across the shoulders, and down to the shoulder blades about 5 inches. Seamed sections keep the cherry gets evenly distributed. The larger size enables it to be draped over the body, keeping in place as you move about. 12" X 18"

It can be used for hot or cold treatments in different ways:

  • Hit all parts of the back by simply laying back on collar while in bed or on the couch.
  • Big enough to be laid across the head to help relieve head and sinus pain.
  • Lay over knees, hips, thighs, or ankles: almost anywhere you need it to be!
  • Great for rotator cuff pain!!