Cherry-Pit-Pac Collar

Cherry-Pit-Pac Collar

Product Details

Aches and pain in the neck and shoulder area are very common. Our Cherry-Pit-Pac Collar is ideal for relieving pain in those areas. This design reaches across the shoulders, and down to the shoulder blades about 5 inches. Seamed sections keep the cherry gets evenly distributed. The larger size adds another section and enables it to be draped over the body, keeping in place as you move about. 12" X 18"

It can be used for hot or cold treatments in different ways:

  • Hit all parts of the back by simply laying back on collar while in bed or on the couch.
  • Big enough to be laid across the head to help relieve head and sinus pain.
  • Lay over knees, hips, thighs, or ankles: almost anywhere you need it to be!
  • Great for rotator cuff pain!!