Cherry-Pit-Pac Original

Cherry-Pit-Pac Original

Product Details

The Cherry-Pit-Pac Original is perfect for relieving aches and pains and conforms on every area of your body. Or use for just keeping warm or cooling off. Easy to use and heats up in minutes. The Original was our first design 25 years ago and is still our best seller! The most popular style of Cherry-Pit-Pac! It wraps around the neck, reaches shoulder to shoulder, down the spine, across the lower back, and across the tummy. It can be wrapped around the wrist, elbow, ankle or knee. So versatile, it fits everywhere, and anywhere! The flexible seeds snuggle in close to the body to bring instant relief! 6.5" x 20"

Although you will find the Cherry-Pit-Pac Original conforms perfectly to any body part, we do make nine other Cherry-Pit-Pac styles. You will find these are more specific to different areas of the body.