Are you on the search for a brand new pillow? Are you tired of how bad your old pillow makes you feel? Are you fed up with not getting a good night's sleep? Did you know that most people are sleeping on a pillow that is not only uncomfortable but is doing their bodies harm? Yes it's true. Pillows on the market today are causing people problems, not just discomfort but real medical problems. Fortunately there is a better choice than those traditional pillows. Organic buckwheat hull pillows are the best pillow that money can buy. There are many benefits to these pillows and you will be surprised at just how well you rest on them. Your body will thank you as you will get a more fitful sleep as well as become healthier.

Reasons Why Traditional Pillows are Bad

A traditional pillow is bad for many different reasons. Here are some of the reasons why you need to get rid of your pillow.

Neck problems. A traditional pillow can cause a multitude of posture problems and can leave you with severe neck issues.

Allergies. Allergies can settle within your pillow which can cause an allergy attack. You may also be allergic to the material that is in the pillow.

Price. Pillows have a tendency to get flat and need to be replaced frequently. This can have you wasting money every month or so.

Chemicals. Many pillows are laden with chemical filling. This can cause allergy problems, breathing problems and in some studies, cancer.

Instead of relying on a traditional pillow, consider getting a buckwheat hull pillow. It will give you much needed relief and help you get healthier.

Advantages of Buckwheat Pillows

The benefits of buckwheat hull pillows are far reaching. People who have switched to using these types of pillows have stated how good they feel, and how much easier sleeping is. Many that bought these pillows said that they recommend them to everyone who needs a new pillow. Below, are some great things about the buckwheat pillows.

#1) Smell

The smell of a buckwheat pillow is amazing. A fresh and clean scent that is not overpowering. People have noted that many traditional pillows smell like chemicals or plastics. The smell of the buckwheat pillow can help you feel relaxed and energized when you wake up in the morning. If you want an even better sleep, consider putting some lavender essential oil in the pillow with your buckwheat. This smell will help you to relax and make your pillow smell amazing.

#2) Temperature

Buckwheat pillows are the most versatile when it comes to temperature control. Regular foam pillows will often be hot and sticky if you are hot. This can lead to you not being able to get a good night's sleep. The buckwheat hulls within the buckwheat pillow allow for air movement. This allows air to circulate and help keep you cool. Another great thing about these pillows is the ability to warm the pillow up or to cool the pillow down. On hot nights, the pillow can be placed in the freezer. There the buckwheat hulls will freeze and remain cold for several hours. If you want to have a warm pillow, all you need to do is to microwave the hulls. They will keep their heat and help you to stay warmer, longer.

#3) Breathability

Foam pillows do not allow for any air circulation. This leads to the owner of the pillow getting hot and the pillow to develop bad smells fairly quickly. The buckwheat pillow is allowed to breathe due to the hulls. This allows for more air flow movement and will keep your pillow smelling great and allowing you to maintain cooler temperatures.

#4) Support

In order for you to sleep well the spine must be aligned with the neck and the head. This posture must be straight for optimum sleeping. The buckwheat hull in these pillows will naturally move in line with your neck and head. This will allow you to have the right posture all night long. The pillow will not lose its shape during the night and will give you the same form for as long as you are on it. This will also help to reduce snoring in many. Having this support will give you a much better night's sleep.

#5) Noise

Buckwheat hulls can help reduce noise. So if you live in a very noisy area, or the house you are in is noisy, you can use this pillow to ignore the noise and get some sleep. These hulls will help to cancel out and muffle all noises. This will give you a much better sleep than normal pillows.

#6) Affordability

These pillows are great in terms of pricing. You can find many great deals and they can be generally cheaper than some of the higher end foam pillows. You will see that the pillow is well worth the investment after one night's sleep. They also last much longer than other pillows, making your money go a long way.

#7) Life Span

Normal pillows do not last as long and can typically need replacing every few months. For the cheaper pillows you may have to replace them every single month. This can get costly really quick. A buckwheat hull pillow can last for many years. If some of the hulls get out of the pillow, all you have to do is replace the hulls. This allows you to replace and replenish for many years to come. The average buckwheat pillow lasts for around 10 years with proper care. Some people have stated that their buckwheat pillow has lasted for closer to 20 years, making this a long lasting pillow and a great investment for the price.

#8) Washable

If you need to wash your buckwheat pillow, you will have no trouble doing so. You can wash the outer cover any time but will need to follow the manufacturer's instructions about washing. The buckwheat hulls cannot be washed but if you find that they are getting old you can replace them. Make sure that you purchase from a manufacturer who only sells organic buckwheat. Some dealers may sell buckwheat that is not completely organic, and you will only want organic buckwheat for your pillows. Foam pillows may fall apart and lose their shape when washing. One recommended wash is to rinse the pillow with white vinegar and dry outside on a line. This allows the pillow to become fresh and smell great.

#9) Adjustability

Since this pillow is made of buckwheat hulls, you can easily get more and create the pillow that fits your needs. If you need a firmer pillow, all you have to do is add more hulls. If you want a soft pillow, you can remove some of the hulls for more comfort. The pillow can also be moved and adjusted to fit your head and neck. You can find the position that is most comfortable. Once you find that position, the hulls will conform around your head and neck keeping you comfortable throughout the night.

#10) Dust Mite Resistant

No one likes to deal with dust mites and let's face it; traditional pillows can quickly become loaded with them. The buckwheat pillow is all naturally dust mite resistant. You can rest easy knowing that the pillows in your home will not be infested with dust mites.

#11) Hypo-allergenic

Foam pillows are known to not be hypo-allergenic. This means that people who use them may potentially be allergic to them. This could lead with the person having allergy issues and even breaking out in hives. Buckwheat hull pillows are hypo-allergenic and will reduce allergies for you.

#12) Non Toxic

Have you ever worried about what might be in a regular pillow? Do you have kids and are scared what they might be sleeping on? Many people feel like they are putting themselves at risk, and their children by sleeping on these chemical laden pillows. Fortunately buckwheat is all natural and 100% organic. It is non toxic so you will never have to worry about yourself or your child being harmed by the material. Buckwheat is an all natural product and is used in many food products, with some people even taking a supplement made from buckwheat. You can rest assured knowing that your pillow is 100% safe.

#13) Variety

The buckwheat hull pillow is not just limited to your bed. There are buckwheat hull pillows that will help when working at a desk, when driving and even while typing at your computer. There are some smaller pillows to help combat carpel tunnel syndrome. Many people have experienced relief in the nerve pain with these pillows. Buckwheat pillows can come in all shapes and sizes and can fit your bed or any of your other pillow needs. A traditional pillow may be hard to find for different uses such as an arm rest and desk support.

#14) Environmental Friendly

Foam pillows are far from being great for the environment. They cannot be disposed of well and the chemicals that are used to make them pollute the atmosphere. Knowing this will have you wanting to find a pillow that is environmentally friendly. You will have to look no further than the buckwheat hull pillow. This pillow uses a hull that does not cause any damage, is not took from any chemicals, and is not took from any animal. This material is renewable and organic so you will have no trouble seeing that this pillow is great for the environment.

#15) Migraine Relief

If you suffer from migraines you will definitely want to invest in this pillow. People who suffer from migraines said that they could lay their head on this pillow while having a migraine and feel instant relief especially if they were having neck pain. This is thought to be an affect of the pillow straightening out the spine. Sufferers of migraines said that they would definitely recommend this pillow to all people with migraines.

#16) Pain Relief

If you suffer from chronic head and neck pain, the buckwheat hull pillow can help you. Since it keeps you at a better posture and helps you to not toss and turn all night, you will find that your pain is lessened. People with nerve pain have stated that the relief that they felt with this pillow is amazing.

#17) Better Digestion

When you lay on a pillow that is not made for your posture nor your body it can cause digestion issues. Many sufferers of digestion issues would never think of their pillow being the cause. Unfortunately many undiagnosed problems stem from improper pillows. The buckwheat hull pillow can keep your body naturally aligned where you do not toss and turn all night. Your head will stay straight as it should and you will have better digestion and processing of the foods that you eat.

#18) Better Overall Sleep Experience

At night we have a tendency to toss and turn. This is for a variety of reasons including pain, discomfort and being too hot. This pillow answers all of those problems. It can easily be adjusted to fit the person's needs, and the alignment of the pillow will help alleviate any pain. The pillow breathes better than any pillow out there on the market and will help you stay cool at night. You will find that it might take you a night or two to get used to the pillow but once you do you will see a much better night's sleep.

If you are in the market for a new pillow or you are just simply tired of having a terrible night's sleep, you should definitely consider purchasing a buckwheat hull pillow. With its many benefits and great pricing, you will not be disappointed. You will be amazed at the amount of sleep you get and how much better you will feel during the day. This is especially true for those that suffer from head and neck pain, and those who cannot get a great night's sleep. Check out the buckwheat hull pillow today and see what you have been missing in your sleep routine. You won't be disappointed with such an amazing pillow.