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All this rolled into one food

Many health conscious people are starting to realize what flax seed can do for their mind and their bodies. The numerous benefits of flax seed include being able to fight cancer and heart disease, promote fitness and beauty, reduce hypertension and arthritis, raise vitamin D levels in the body, and retain magnesium, phosphate, and calcium levels within the body. Products that provide only portions of these results are highly saught after. flax seed is head and shoulders above the rest because of its ability to provide a large number of positive results. However, the question often arises of which form of flax seed is more beneficial to the body. So which is better, whole flax seed or flax seed oil?

Whole flax seed or oil?

Both whole and oil forms of flax seed have their advantages. Flax seed oil comes in a very convenient and readily available form. It also contains a lot of the essential Omega 3 fatty acids essential for optimum health. Whole flax seed not only contains the Omega 3 fatty acids, but other nutrients as well such as protein, dietary fibers, and lignins. So it comes down to a matter of what recipes and use you are looking for. As an ingredient oil is very common. As a type of powder or topping the ground seeds are great.

How to grind the whold seed

Whole flax seed must be ground to digest properly. Small portable coffee grinders can grind the seed sufficiently for a great texture. Once ground the seed is used to top almost any food, cereals, salads and breads. Starter kits can be purchased that come with a grinder, recipe book and a bag of flax seed.

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