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Foot pain can be caused by injury (trauma), disease, or continuous physical stress. The foot is a very intricate structure. The interaction of muscles, bones, joints, and tendons is very much defined. For instance, if continued trauma is placed on the feet, the internal structures will become inflamed and eventually break down. Sore feet are usually a symptom of something wrong inside the foot. Though the catalyst may be from outside. Feet care and maintenance should be practiced daily.

The cause of sore feet can be due to continuous physical stress on the feet. The normal padding on the foot protecting it from injury and absorbs the weight of the body wears down with age and misuse. Jogging or strenuous activity leads to feet pain over a long period of time. Injuries to the feet occur mostly among athletes and children. The muscles and tendons can be strained and overstressed. The bones can fracture, bruise and break more easily when they are tired or overused. And repetitive trauma can cause excess bone formation like spurs. Prevention is definitely how to treat sore feet.

Diseases like arthritis, diabetes, gout, or simply warts can also cause sore feet. Fungus can cause athletes foot, warts, and other irritations. Diabetes commonly causes numbness and circulation problems leading to swollen and painful feet. Arthritis also affects the joints, making them stiff and sore. This limits movement and causes pain. Warts, ingrown toenails, and fungus infections cause irritation and pain, making it difficult to walk with shoes on. If the arches are damaged, the pain can be very intense. Non treatment promotes infection which can lead to longtime recovery and even surgery.

The best solution on how to treat sore feet is prevention. Do not go jogging or play an extremely strenuous sport like basketball if your feet are tired. Take daily care of your feet with good hygiene. Moisturize the skin or try a foot bath to relieve aching feet. Elevate sore feet to relieve pressure and promote good blood circulation. Over the counter products help relieve minor skin irritation, keeps skin healthy, and fights the symptoms of warts, athlete's foot, and other minor issues. Medical help should be sought for any major issue such as a broken bone, severe swelling, torn ligaments and tendons, and things like severe diabetes symptoms.

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